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Meet 27-year-old Shahne Belveal, a Sacramento native who hopes to use his platform as a NatureBridge educator as a way to recruit more outdoor education professionals from marginalized communities.

Posted by Gabriela Contreras, February 08, 2018

We've collected some of the pictures you've tagged us in on Instagram as you've joined our NatureBridge family as you've visited our campuses, attended our programs, and learned about this beautiful planet we call home!

Posted by Gabriela Contreras, January 31, 2018

In celebration of Earth Day, here are a few things we do at NatureBridge that you may be able to try at home and in the classroom!

Posted by Becca Mathias, April 19, 2018
To kick off Earth Day 2018, we decided to take a step back and see how this global celebration was created nearly 50 years ago, and how it helped bring NatureBridge to life in 1971.
Posted by Gabriela Contreras, April 16, 2018
Led by educator Brenda Ramirez, 8th grade students from Alliance Skirball Middle School embarked on a quest to solve the mystery: "Does soil type affect plant biodiversity?"
Posted by Becca Mathias, March 28, 2018

Raised in Portage, Michigan, Lawrence has had a love for the outdoors as long as he can remember. Read more on Lawrence, our NatureBridge Yosemite educator spotlight.

Posted by Gabriela Contreras, March 22, 2018

This year, we received a number of incredible applicants for our Student of the Year. Read more from our 2018 Student of the Year honorable mentions and how their NatureBridge experience impacted them!

Posted by Gabriela Contreras, March 14, 2018
Each year, NatureBridge honors a student who has demonstrated leadership, growth, and a commitment to protecting our natural world as a result of a NatureBridge program. We are elated to announce our 2018 Student of the Year, high school senior Marisa Granados.
Posted by Gabriela Contreras, March 14, 2018
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