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Equitable & Inclusive NatureBridge

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Why Does Equity, Inclusion & Diversity (EI&D) Matter?  #

​We believe that nature is inclusive to all beings and that diversity is fundamental to the ecological health of our planet. Our work—connecting young people to themselves, each other, science and the natural world—must be as inclusive and diverse as our national park classrooms. 

At NatureBridge, we examine when and how forms of inequity appear in our programs and workplace including ability, gender, language, race, sexuality and socio-economic status. We listen, learn and aim to change individual mindsets and organizational practices to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive at NatureBridge. 

Our Core Values reflect this: We are inclusive. We create an equitable, welcoming and empowering learning and working environment for all people to connect with each other.

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Gender Inclusion Practices #

At NatureBridge, we connect young people to the wonder and science of the natural world, igniting self discovery and inspiring stewardship of our planet. We strive to be a place where everyone belongs and experiences empathy for each other and the world around us. We work to welcome and meet the needs of all of our participants and staff. NatureBridge has adopted gender inclusion practices to affirm and provide a welcoming space for our gender expansive participants and employees. We invite and encourage all visiting groups to join us in these practices.

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Miho Aida

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What I deeply care about the most in this world is summarized in five E's: environment, education, empathy, equity and empowerment. Since 2000 when I started my career as an environmental educator at NatureBridge, my life has been dedicated to increasing the visibility and access of those from marginalized communities to our parks, environmental education and its workforce. 

My role as the Director of Equity & Inclusion is to listen to our staff, collectively review and process the external audit report and plan a path forward; onboard all NatureBridge staff by creating trainings and systems; steward the EI&D Core team, support CEO and the board to actualize EI&D goals; and improve our communication with all staff on our progress with regard to Equity, Inclusion & Diversity work.

—Miho Aida, Director of Equity & Inclusion

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