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Throughout its history, NatureBridge has benefited from extraordinary leadership. From our Board of Directors to our environmental science educators, the entire organization is comprised of leaders in their fields who are strongly committed to our mission.

Board of Directors

Ian Yolles, Chair
Carroll C. Yandell, Vice Chair
Brad C. O’Brien, Treasurer
Susan S. Boren, Secretary
Vera Michalchik, Ph.D., Vice Chair for Education
Dan Abrams
Ananda Baron
Angela Chen
Sophia Danenberg
Linda Fisher
Raoul Goff
James F. Hamill
Lisa Holmes
Robert J. Holmes
Thomas C. Kiernan
Jenny Koehler
Colin le Duc
Kimberly McMorrow
Kevin T. Newman, Ph.D.
Allan J. Prager
Nicole J. Sheehan
Walter Sive
Ben Steele
Liz Valentine

Board Emeritus 
Valerie E. Anders
Matthew A. Baxter, Jr.
Garry Brewer, Ph.D.
Linda Brownstein
David "Jay" Flood
Stephen H. Lockhart, M.D., Ph.D. 
Jack Walston

National Park Service Liaison
Martha J. Lee, Deputy Regional Director, Pacific West Region

Regional Boards

Senior Leadership Team

Phillip Kilbridge, President & CEO
Aaron Rich, Chief Development Officer
Judy Lin, Chief Operating Officer
Mitch Holmer, Chief Financial Officer
Jen Kidder, Olympic Director
Jen Latham, Interim Yosemite Regional Director
Kim Hanson, Interim Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
Laurel Talbot, Director of Human Resources