Gender Inclusion Practices

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At NatureBridge, we recognize that gender inclusion practices may be unfamiliar to or uncomfortable for some program participants. We still have much more to learn about the particular challenges that our nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and transgender program participants and staff encounter. We hope that we can all learn and grow together as a NatureBridge community to increase our collective awareness and knowledge.

How NatureBridge welcomes gender expansive students and staff #

  • Display a NatureBridge Welcome Sign on every campus that welcomes all people
  • Use gender-inclusive language when referring to participants and dorms (e.g. “students” vs. “boys and girls”)
  • Provide gender-inclusive bathroom and dorm options, when requested and available
  • Arrange accommodation for any participant who may have a privacy concern (e.g. single user restroom)
  • Respect pronouns shared by participants and staff

Frequently Asked Questions #

To learn more about why gender-inclusive spaces and using gender pronouns are important for gender-expansive individuals, please contact NatureBridge's Director of Operations Hagit Elaz.

Stories from the Field #

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