Prince William Field Trip | Outdoor Education

School & Group Environmental Science at Prince William Forest

In the largest protected Piedmont forest in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, students study environmental science, learn teamwork, and strengthen their connection with nature.

NatureBridge at Prince William Forest
Cabin Camp 1 Prince William Forest Park
Triangle, VA 22172

Areas of Study

The remarkable natural and cultural history of Prince William Forest Park and the breadth of our educators' experience allow NatureBridge to offer your class a wide range of study. NatureBridge environmental science education balances the need for science content with process skills such as observation, formulation of hypotheses, communication, and analysis. Our curriculum is aligned with state and national standards in its use of inquiry methods to engage students in academic studies that connect their learning to real-world science. NatureBridge educators are versed in the evolving standards and tailor programs to enrich classroom work.

Teachers determine the focus of their students' experience by choosing an area of emphasis:

Life Science & Ecology

Terrestrial Plants and Animals
Focusing on the diversity of life in the piedmont forest, students gain an understanding of the components and intricate interconnections of local ecosystems; they investigate their surroundings to learn about local flora and fauna and the relationship of species to their natural environment.

Watershed Studies

This area of study focuses on water cycles, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, stream hydrology, and riparian ecology. Students learn about the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems and the role of water in terrestrial systems as well as how their actions affect the watershed.

Earth Science & Geology

Students will learn about the geological history of the piedmont forest. They will investigate the physical processes that affect the landscape and the forest ecosystem. Topics include erosion, weathering, rock types, and soil composition.


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