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Changing histories in the Marin Headlands: From military battlements to Newt Nation

Once a military outpost defending San Francisco against attacks from the West, the Marin Headlands are now part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and new residents have moved in to the former battery sites. Among these are the newts of Newt Nation, who have taken up residence in a former gun foundation and found it to be an excellent home.

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Craig Obey from National Parks Conservation Association gives Olympic National Park a gold medal review and highlights our NatureBridge at Olympic family programs.

NatureBridge is honored to receive continuing support from Wells Fargo for scholarships for California's Central Valley youth.

NatureBridge featured on Immense Possibilities.

NatureBridge will host Bill Bradley, former Democratic U.S. Senator and Dan Evans, former Republican Washington Governor and U.S. Senator, for a bipartisan discussion on environmental conservation and the Elwha dam removals.

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