Golden Gate Field Trip | Outdoor Education

School & Group Environmental Science at Golden Gate

On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, on the site of a historic WWII military post, students study environmental science, learn teamwork, and strengthen their connection with nature.

Areas of Study

The remarkable natural and cultural history of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the breadth of our educators’ experience allow NatureBridge to offer your classroom a wide range of study. 

We have five areas of study to choose from:


Life Sciences and Ecology

Marine Science
Students visit coastal, lagoon, and rocky intertidal habitats while exploring human impacts on the ocean and estuarine resources.



Terrestrial Plants and Animals
Students gain an understanding of the components and intricate interconnections of terrestrial ecosystems while exploring issues such as resource management, habitat loss, and conservation.

Watershed Studies

Students learn about the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems; the role of water in terrestrial systems; how their actions affect the world's oceans, no matter their distance from it; and how in turn the ocean affects all of us.

Earth Science and Geology

Earth and Physical Science
Students engage their scientific inquiry skills to discover why this region, as well as their home communitiy, has developed over geologic time to have its unique character. 

Current Environmental Issues

Climate Change (5th grade and up)
At Golden Gate, students begin to define and understand climate change by learning about the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, and phenology.


Off-Campus Environmental Studies

With a five-day program, schools can take an optional off-campus trip. Each school is responsible for the bus cost of these trips, currently $795 for up to 48 people (pricing subject to change), and any additional program charges that may apply.

The Call of the Sea Program: includes three hours of boat-based education aboard a traditional sailing vessel. The program integrates the following topics: California coastal history, navigation and seamanship, and San Francisco Bay ecology. Program is limited to 15-37 participants TOTAL per sail. Larger groups may be able to schedule two sails in one day or over a few days. Only Available April to November. Sail times are either 9:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. Program cost is $1,350 for up to 30 participants and $1,550 for between 30 and 37 participants.

Muir Woods: a favorite among many schools and educators. Schools will be transported to Muir Woods National Monument to spend the day hiking through old growth Coast Redwood groves, as well as riparian and Douglas Fir forest communities. The entrance fee will be waived for NatureBridge participants.

San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge: includes a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and an exploration of Chinatown. There is the option of riding the famed cable cars for an additional $7 per participant. In Chinatown, each learning group divides into 2-3 smaller groups, each accompanied by an adult. The focus is the cultural richness and diversity of San Francisco. 



Led by NatureBridge's Teen Environmental Education Mentorship interns from diverse Bay Area high schools, Eco-Athletics are fund, physical activities designed to compliment the environmental science day. This program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from mid-September to mid-April.



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