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Waste-Less Lunch – Grades K-12 (PDF)

Classroom activity. Learn how little changes in how you pack your lunch can have big impacts on the planet. 

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Check out our interactive online game and resource center about the importance of waste conservation.


Garbology lessons

Compost in a Bag – Grades 3-5 (PDF)

Compost Tag – Grades K-5 (PDF)

I Want It! I Need It! – Grades 7-12 (PDF)

It's a Wrap! – Grades 3-6 (PDF)

Let's Build a Worm Bin! – Grades K-5 (PDF)

Packaging Your Product – Grades 7-12 (PDF)

Paper Makers – Grades K-5 (PDF)

Reusing Winter Waste – Grades K-4 (PDF)

Garbology fact sheets

Composting With the FBI (PDF)

Composting With the FBI – Spanish (PDF)

The Dirt on Composting (PDF)

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (PDF)

What Are Natural Resources? (PDF)


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