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Back to School with NatureBridge!

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Yosemite educators 2022

We are so excited to welcome students back to NatureBridge campuses for the 2022-23 school year! Over the past few weeks, educators at every campus have been hard at work with training, orientations, preparation work and so much more. 

In Olympic National Park, new educators shadowed returning educators as they led 7th and 8th graders from the Portland-area on orienteering and water quality investigations. For the returning educators of the team, the word of the program was "joy" and for the new educators, it was "casual wonder." They also implemented new programs such as a fungi enrichment seminar and exploration, much to the excitement of the students who agreed that the most anticipated activity for the outing was “mushrooms!”

Students at Olympic sitting by a river
Students at Olympic taking a break near a river.

In Golden Gate, new and returning educators are focusing on how we are connected to all living things in the ocean, no matter how small. Students are using microscope labs to see oceanic plankton, talking about the marine food web and what we can do to protect the ocean creatures that help us survive. “I’m so excited to help students understand global climate change through lessons about the carbon cycle, sea level rise, ocean acidification and increased wildfires,” said one Golden Gate educator. 

“I want to empower students to be the environmental stewards and be the change in their communities.”
Golden Gate educator

Over in Yosemite, educators are looking forward to teaching students about watersheds and fire ecology in addition to giving them a quiet space to connect with nature. Said one of our Yosemite educators, “Now more than ever, it’s really important for students to connect with nature and step outside their comfort zone, which is what we provide here at NatureBridge.”

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