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Staff Spotlight: Chelsea Behymer

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Chelsea wearing a wetsuit and holding a paddle

There is an exceptional passion that radiates from the education department at NatureBridge. Its intricacies and quirks are unique to each individual but it is a shared understanding and force that bonds our multi-campus team. That passion is palpable in Chelsea Behymer, our new Program Manager in Olympic National Park, who with barely two months on the job, has already made an impact on the staff, educators and students she supports. Chelsea’s relationship with the outdoors is one of great reverence and reciprocity.

“I am rejuvenated by every activity I can do and time I can spend outside - there is a rawness in nature that allows and encourages me to be my most authentic self, as well as provide a space for genuine shared experiences.”
Chelsea Behymer

Chelsea exemplifies leadership by sharing examples of the strength and vulnerability she experiences in the outdoors, where, as she puts it, “I can simultaneously feel safe, challenged and continuously full of wonder! I aim to reciprocate that support by being mindful of my impact on the outdoors and acting on that in a positive way.”   

While overseeing multiple, rotating school groups and supporting a large team of educators and staff, it’s not hard to believe that there is no “typical” day on the job for Chelsea. From providing canoeing support to calibrating water quality testing instruments to guiding kids in a search for tardigrades, (aka “moss piglets” in the microscope lab) to coaching educators in outcome-based planning—each day is exciting and unique. 

What she truly relishes thus far has been the opportunities to step in and out of moments with educators and students learning together. “I love that I can zoom in on a small part of the day or week of several groups, and then zoom out to see and hear everyone on campus, in the surrounding forest and on the waterways, connecting to each other and the natural world in a myriad of ways.”  

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