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Welcoming Judy Lin to NatureBridge!

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Each year, we strive to serve more kids and create memorable experiences for our students. As we launch the National Environmental Science Center in Yosemite National Park and expand our campus in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a band of exceptional leaders is needed to help lead the way for a new era of NatureBridge, one that requires courage, individuality and tenacity.

That’s where Judy Lin comes in. After six years at KIPP Atlanta (Knowledge is Power Program), a public charter school network, Judy has joined the NatureBridge senior leadership team as Chief Operating Officer. Judy brings extensive leadership experience in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations across a wide variety of industries. As Chief Operating Officer for KIPP Atlanta Schools, she led the organization through growth from two to eight schools and oversaw all areas of business and school operations.

Chasing the Tradewinds #

Judy looks out for coral reefs in Fiji.

Beyond her leadership capabilities, Judy offers a unique perspective rooted in a life-changing sabbatical she embarked on years ago.

Mid-career, Judy dropped everything and joined a French sailing crew, chasing the tradewinds from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. Judy traveled 10,000 miles over 12 months from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal to the South Pacific islands. Sailing 21 days across the Pacific Ocean without seeing land, exploring deserted islands in the middle of nowhere and swimming with marine iguanas in the Galapagos Islands were once-in-a-lifetime experiences that changed her life perspective forever. 

Connecting to nature in such an immersive way and witnessing the impact that we as humans have on our planet, in even the most far flung and remote places, stuck with her. Now a mother of two young boys, Judy hopes to instill the same appreciation for our natural world in her own kids. Ages 6 and 7, her children travel with her and her husband all over the world and each already have many passport stamps to show for it.

Judy and family
Judy, her two sons and husband in Yosemite National Park.

Loving the Outdoors #

Judy’s interest in the outdoors started with family car camping trips in the Midwest and evolved into backpacking adventures with college friends in the Rocky Mountains to hiking the W in Patagonia with her husband Dave. Her family went on a big hike this summer in the Canadian Rockies that culminated at a beautiful viewpoint overlooking a glacier that has receded incredibly over the span of just 20-30 years—a striking sign of the importance of NatureBridge’s mission.

“Seeing the effects of climate change firsthand with my kids was hugely impactful,” Judy shared. “I loved the opportunity to start the conversation about environmental stewardship with them at an early age.”

Judy hopes to help guide the organization effectively and efficiently into the future so that NatureBridge can continue to connect more young people to the wonder and science of the natural world.

I’m excited to be part of a dynamic organization that inspires stewardship of the planet and collaborate with a team that embodies our mission of making a difference in the world and in the lives on young people.
Judy Lin, NatureBridge Chief Operating Officer
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