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2018 YOlympic Scholars: Backcountry Adventures

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A Scholar posing on a mountain peak.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Alcoa Scholars returned back to our campus on Lake Crescent after spending seven days in the backcountry of Olympic National Park. 

Katie & Eric's Trail Group #

For Scholars Adele, Rosa, Michael, Taleisha, Daniel, Jack, Sandra, Balint and Helga highlights included:

  • The moss in the Hoh rainforest
  • Exploring Hoh Lake (and seeing three bears!)
  • Hiking along the High Divide and eating huckleberries
  • Finding enormous elk antlers at the 7 Mile Group Camp
  • Spending most of a rainy day eating pancakes
Alcoa Scholars in Olympic National Park

Ayla, Tessa & Chris's Trail Group #

For Scholars Lauren, Andreea, Louis, Hamish, Luke, Rachel, Shae, Embla, Sara and Elias, highlights included:

  • Hiking the nine miles from Enchanted Valley, up and over Anderson Pass to Big Timber i one day
  • The glacial turquoise of Anderson Lake
  • Freezing cold bright blue water at Big Timber
  • Sleeping in a dream circle the last night
  • Singing lullabies in our evening meetings
  • Seeing a bear across the valley on the way up Anderson Pass
Alcoa Scholars in Enchanted Valley

Sonia & Sarah's Trail Group #

For Scholars Ben, Gus, Tiffany, Giselle, Phoebe, Riley, Sigurlaug, Anna, Sara and Vanda, highlights included:

  • Reaching the Anderson glacier
  • Seeing fresh bear tracks on the way down from the glacier
  • Washing off in the river
  • Students cooking meals for themselves
The Alcoa Scholars in the backcountry of Olympic National Park.

Shawn & Laurien's Trail Group #

For Scholars Aya, Lauren, Nick, Roxanne, Blake, Emily, Rasheeka, Troy, Manu and Miki, highlights included:

  • Reaching Gray Wolf Pass, elevation 6,204 ft.
  • The beautiful, shallow lake below Gray Wolf Pass
  • Spending four hours cooking dinner each night
  • Touching snow!
Alcoa Scholars
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