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Week of Gratitude at NatureBridge

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Editor's note: Earlier this fall, we asked NatureBridge staff members who and what they're grateful for this season. Many of them named fellow NatureBridge co-workers! Here are a few of their responses:

Hagit Elaz, Director of National Operations #

I am so grateful for Casen Splain [National Salesforce Administrator]. She is always ready to share her smarts, knowledge and the perfect meme or TikTok that fits the moment. I could not imagine doing Salesforce without her. Her intelligence and quick wit are truly inspiring.

Joe Zofrea, Olympic Operations Manager #

I am so grateful for everyone on our kitchen and facilities team who work EVERYDAY to make sure that our students are fed and comfortable while they are here. Thank you to Andre, Adele, Bre, Dave, Spencer, Tara, Robert, Jesse and Al.

Cheyenne Palmo, Olympic Environmental Science Educator #

Aspen Dobbins is not only an incredible educator and education assistant, but she is one of the most kind and thoughtful friends a person can ask for. On campus, Aspen puts so much work into ensuring that every educator is supported and has resources that they need to be prepared in the field. As a friend, she cares so much about her friendships and is always there to listen. I am so incredibly thankful for her friendship. She is truly amazing!

Felicity Holmes, Olympic Environmental Science Educator #

Maggie Wise, best friend. Maggie is consistent with her behavior, wise, reaches for inner and external clarity.

Lydia Vanderburg, co-worker. When I think of what coworkers I trust, I can trust Lydia the most. I have spent the most time with her and have seen consistent behavior over the years. She is honest to herself and honest with us about who she is, her quirks, her strengths, her flaws. Also a great mentor for other educators in the field of environmental education.

Emily Volz, Olympic Education Manager #

Chelsea Leven puts so much thought and intention into her role as Education Manager - Science Lead. I appreciate everything she has brought to our team at Olympic.

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