National Park Locations

National Park Locations

We are proud to be the largest residential environmental education partner of the National Park Service and to work side by side with them to strengthen the role education plays in our national parks and the role our national parks play in the lives of our youth.

Our Partnership with the National Parks

“National parks are our best classrooms. There is no place better for children to learn about environmental science and study human impacts on our environment. Together, science and inspiration combine to create a desire to protect and preserve our national parks for future generations. That’s the key to what NatureBridge does. They take students from science to stewardship. That’s what makes this work so important.” — Jon Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service

National Park Service Partner

Yosemite National Park

Students learn and form connections to the deep valleys, grand meadows, and ancient sequoias. 

Golden Gate

On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, students study environmental science and learn teamwork. 

Olympic National Park

In temperate rainforests and along the shores of the Elwha River, students increase their scientific literacy. 

Santa Monica Mountains

From the top of Sandstone Peak to the Arroyo Sequit watershed, students learn through academic and physical challenges.

Channel Islands

Leaving everything familiar behind, students study isolated landscapes and seascapes and begin to see the world differently. 

Prince William Forest

In the largest protected piedmont forest in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, students study environmental science, learn teamwork, and strengthen their connection with nature.