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School & Group Programs

Immersed in the beauty and grandeur of a national park, NatureBridge students explore the park’s ecosystem in small groups with experienced educators. Our students build confidence, form new connections, and are inspired to make a difference.

Focused on outcomes

The goal of environmental education is responsible environmental behavior. NatureBridge focuses on three key program outcomes that directly support responsible environmental behavior. Our focus on personal growth, improved interpersonal skills and increased academic ability all support our ultimate goal for every student to choose to behave responsibly to protect and preserve the natural world.

Unique ecosystems

The Santa Monica Mountains is one of five mediterranean ecosystems in the world. There is a tremendous amount of ecological diversity here, with over 1,000 different plant and animal species calling the Santa Monica Mountains home.

Science investigations

Learn more about how your students can engage in authentic scientific research during their NatureBridge program, experiencing scientific principles firsthand.