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School & Group Environmental Science at Santa Monica Mountains

From the top of Sandstone Peak to the Arroyo Sequit watershed, students explore the park’s Mediterranean ecosystem and learn through academic and physical challenges how their actions impact the world.

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Learning in nature’s classroom

NatureBridge environmental science programs in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area offer students in grades 4-12 the opportunity to learn hands-on science in one of the few Mediterranean biomes of the world.  Our three- to five-day residential outdoor science programs are led by experienced educators and customized to enhance your school’s curriculum.  

  • A classroom like no other:  Only an hour away from the sights and sounds of Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is the country’s largest urban national park, home to over 1,000 plants, and 500 mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian species.
  • Inquiry-based learning:  Born from the collision and sliding of tectonic plates, these mountains provide the opportunity to study some of the most unique and rare natural features and ecosystems in the United States.
  • Inspired to action: Whether it be litter analysis, water quality testing, or compiling data for the Park Service, our goal is to translate passion for the environment into lifelong stewardship and conservation. 

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