Planting Seeds: Five Years in Prince William Forest Park
Planting Seeds
Thank you for joining us in celebrating the 5th anniversary of NatureBridge's first East Coast campus
Thank you for attending Planting Seeds. We hope you enjoyed hearing about the transformational experiences our educators have witnessed in the 4,000 students we’ve served in Prince William Forest Park since 2012.
With your support, we can continue to expand our programming on the East Coast and inspire more youth to learn about and connect with nature. In today’s highly polarized political climate, we need supporters like you to ensure that future generations understand the fragility of our planet and have the tools needed to protect it.
All net proceeds raised directly impacted the number of students served at NatureBridge’s Prince William Forest Park campus. To learn more about our programs in Prince William Forest park, click here.


Ansel Adams Gallery at the Wilderness Society, Washington DC


Host Committee:

Valerie & Bill Anders
Lisa K. Holmes
Thomas C. Kiernan
William Maguire
Barbara Semedo


Lisa K. Holmes