Walter Sive
Walter Sive is currently the Olympic campus board chair and member of the NatureBridge Board of Directors. His passion for the outdoors coupled with a belief that our promise to civilization lies in the quality and breadth of education are what led him to become a NatureBridge board member. Walter first heard of NatureBridge when he was managing Lake Crescent Lodge in Washington. He quickly became friends with Jerry Edelbrock, who was the first Olympic education director and started one of the first programs in Olympic National Park in 1984. 
Walter grew up just outside of New York City, taking lots of trips to the Catskills, the Adirondacks, the Whites and other places. His father started several environmental organizations and served on numerous boards, and is considered to be the “Father of Environmental Law.”   Walter has had truly transcendent experiences in the outdoors.  As a young man, he enjoyed beautiful sunsets in the Catskill Mountains that literally overwhelmed him with peace and contentment.  He’s also been on several extended backpacking trips that have been very special.
As a board member, Walter hopes to be a good fundraiser, to assist in strategic and organizational development and to create a most engaged and energetic Oympic regional board.
Walter is also a dedicated member of the hard core club, eating apples right down to the core on a regular basis; he insists it is a great source of fiber. Walter currently resides in Seattle, WA.