Tom Kiernan
Tom Kiernan has been a national board member for NatureBridge since 2012. Tom was initially introduced to NatureBridge through his work as former president for the National Park Conservation Association. When he was approached by Steve Lockhart to serve on the National Board with the opening of our Mid Atlantic Regional campus, Tom felt honored to support NatureBridge’s work and mission. NatureBridge is Tom’s only current board affiliation.
Growing up in Arlington, Virginia, Tom was surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods and streams near the Potomac River. It was this early connection with the outdoors coupled with a high school class in environmental chemistry that caused Tom to dedicate his life’s professional and volunteer work to protecting the natural world, and helping others develop the same passion that he has. 
Tom maintains that the connection of youth to nature is important for kids’ self-development, stress management, and overall life quality. Moreover, nature provides comfort and necessity for our survival. By allowing kids to develop a personal connection to nature, they can understand its importance as it relates to food, air quality, and healthy ecosystems in order to advocate on behalf of environmental protection policies.
Tom is committed to growing the NatureBridge Mid-Atlantic Region and helping to make the campus financially vibrant, strong, and self-sustaining. Since 2012, Tom has seen the transformation of NatureBridge as it has become more efficient, effective, and unified across all five of its regions. With the emerging strategic plan, Tom looking forward to seeing synergy occur between all campuses.
Tom’s most memorable experience in nature took place in the Tana River in Kenya, where he became one of the first people to weather the treacherous waters and kayak from Mt. Kenya down to the coast.
Tom is currently the President & CEO for the American Wind Association in Washington, D.C. Follow Tom on Twitter at @tomckiernan.