Jenny Koehler
Jenny is a first-time board member, serving only on the Board of Directors for NatureBridge. Jenny has always had a passion surrounding protecting the environment and helping organizations succeed financially. As a result, Jenny has dedicated her entire career to working in the utility, public, and private sector for social good, and she decided that educating youth around the environment was a timely and perfect blend of an opportunity where she could add value.
Jenny’s personal experience growing up in the midwest and exploring nature helped shape her outdoorsy nature, which has only intensified as she has found a spiritual and mental value to decompressing surrounded by the natural world. Jenny’s favorite memory in nature is when she went “off the grid” for one week and went white water rafting on Rogue River in Oregon.
Jenny believes that reaching youth is critical, particularly to encourage young women to develop and hang on to the love of science beyond the adolescent years. Jenny is currently a Partner at PwC and is based in San Francisco, CA. She is also a University of Texas at Austin alum (hook ‘em!).