Liz Valentine
Liz Valentine was first introduced to NatureBridge by Ian Yolles, NatureBridge’s National Board Chair, and later fell in love with the organization after providing pro-bono services through her creative agency Swift. Liz joined the National Board in 2017.
A Philadelphia native, Liz had limited access to the great outdoors growing up. At 17 years old, she took a gap year and spent several weeks camping and hitchhiking around New Zealand and Australia. This experience inspired a life of adventure—following college, she rejected a “real job” and opted instead to be a bike tour guide in France where she endeavored on a solo ride from Beaune, France to Lausanne, Switzerland. 
In 1999, Liz moved to Portland to join startup lucy Activewear and eventually moved on to Nike where she focused on digital innovation for close to 10 years. She can still remember the feeling of awe as she gazed at the Cascade Range, Mt. Hood, and the forests below from her airplane window. The move proved to be transformative—she experienced a permanent and profound shift in her access to and love of the outdoors. 
Liz now spends time every week exploring Oregon’s beaches, trails, rivers, and mountains and sees firsthand its impact on her children, Oona (12) and Sidney (8). While Liz’s professional success has been fueled by technology and the tech industry, she recognizes its addictive nature and believes outdoor experiences demonstrate that life without a screen is richer and more impactful. It is this belief that drew Liz to NatureBridge and she is excited to be part of an organization that seeks to provide those experiences to all children. 
Liz’s agency Swift currently supports brands like Google, YouTube, PayPal, Adidas, and Starbucks through digitally led marketing campaigns. As a National Board member, Liz hopes to draw on her extensive background in marketing to contribute to NatureBridge’s communications and marketing strategy. She looks forward to developing strategies aimed to connect more kids and more schools to NatureBridge’s programs. 
Liz also serves on the board of Neighbors for Clean Air, a Portland-based environmental advocacy nonprofit. She studied Art History and French at the University of Pennsylvania. You can follow her on Twitter @LizValentine.