Autumn Saxton-Ross
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Autumn Saxton-Ross, Ph.D. is a resident of the District of Columbia and is currently the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for NatureBridge, overseeing programs at Prince William Forest and Shenandoah National Parks in Virginia. In previous positions, she worked as the Program Director for Place-based Initiatives at the National Collaborative for Health Equity, encouraging the use of policy and environmental change as a solution to health inequities, the DC Department of Health, focusing on environmental and policy approaches to healthy eating and active living and in local parks and recreation departments promoting the natural connection between parks, recreation and health. With degrees in sociology, health education, and exercise science, her research, academic and professional interests are on the social and physical environment and their influences on physical activity, opportunity and resources, specifically in Black and urban populations, and the health benefits of parks and green spaces. Her life’s work is improving the health of communities through engagement, activity, education, exposure and opportunity, truly believing that a healthy life is lived better outdoors.

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