Barbara Semedo
Barbara first became introduced to NatureBridge several years ago by her across-the-street neighbor and former Mid-Atlantic Director, Vanessa Morel. Knowing Barbara’s professional background in communications and media relations, Vanessa asked her to help publicize the launch of the Mid-Atlantic Campus. The two met with a Washington Post reporter, resulting in a front-page print and online story. Throughout the process, a close friendship grew—along with Barbara’s awareness and passion for getting kids outdoors connected to our parks. From that point on, Barbara was hooked on NatureBridge.
Spending time outdoors as a child and exploring and walking to school each day through the woods of her New England neighborhood, are some of Barbara’s most memorable experiences in nature. She acknowledges how important these experiences were in shaping the view of herself and the world around her. “Kids need to see things that are new to them to give them a sense of what the world looks like. They need to be exposed beyond the corners of their cities; then, with those experiences, they might see a role for themselves.”
As a board member, Barbara’s primary goal is to help raise the profile and visibility of NatureBridge through brand and reputation. She looks forward to working with and learning from other board members to give more kids the opportunity to get out of their cities and be inspired by the awe of nature.
Barbara is the Communications Manager at the U.S. Oceans Initiative at the Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington, D.C. She has decades of experience as a Communications Strategist and Public Affairs Executive and Voice Over Artist in the Washington, D.C. area. Barbara holds a B.A. in Communications & Media Studies from Simmons College.

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