Robert Holmes

“What NatureBridge does better than anyone else is connect kids to nature with a purpose: learning, research, connecting the dots through experiments or mathematics…those are the experiences that will stick with them for all of their lives.”

Robert Holmes joined NatureBridge’s National Board of Directors in 2014 after seeing firsthand how powerful a NatureBridge experience can be in a child’s life. “If you don’t get kids to experience nature when they’re young, they won’t do it as adults.”

Robert is a founding partner at Accurate Decisions and comes to NatureBridge with 25 years of service on a variety of corporate boards. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys skiing, fly-fishing, and mountain climbing. His distinguished experience at the helm of companies such as TimberWest, Harbor Properties, Inc., and Intrawest provide him with valuable insight into NatureBridge’s operations, and his passion for the outdoors makes him a natural proponent of NatureBridge’s mission.

Having grown up camping, hiking, climbing, and fishing, Robert never distinguishes between business and his love of the outdoors. He incorporates his natural surroundings into everything he does. Whether holding a staff meeting on a ski lift, taking his grandchildren for a hike, or building eco-friendly design attributes into all of his real estate ventures, Robert is an environmental advocate in the truest sense. He knows the positive impact that experiences in nature can have on kids.

Robert holds degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles and Washington State University. He resides in the Greater Seattle Area.

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