Raoul Goff

"Seeing kids in outdoor environmental programs and how they’re impacted by those experiences reminds me of my own experience with nature.  There is no substitute. We need to get kids to care about the natural world, and the only way to do that is to get them outside to experience it. Young people have to love and care about the world if they’re going to protect it."

Raoul Goff first developed a passion for the environment while hiking in Hawaii. He felt a deep connection with the earth and a need to address the pollution that was encroaching on this pristine area.

A firm believer in the value of experiential education, Raoul wants every young person to have the opportunity to understand the important interconnections of life on our planet. He is an advocate of national parks, calling them “our best kept secret,” and is committed to expanding environmental education in our national parks with NatureBridge.

Raoul is the founder and publisher of Insight Editions and its subsidiaries, Mandala Publishing and Earth Aware Editions. Earth Aware Editions presents the diverse voices of today’s leading environmentalists, photojournalists, cultural commentators, artists, and activists. Over 25 years, he has created and published award-winning projects for the world’s leading artists, photographers, and publishers, including Herb Ritts, Georgia O’Keeffe, Harper Collins, Little Brown and Company, and Abrahms.

In 1994, Raoul founded Vegi-Deli, a producer of all-natural 100% vegan meat alternatives, and Bamboo Mountain, which produces 100% renewable bamboo products for the flooring and gift industries.

In addition to NatureBridge, Raoul supports many organizations in the field of sustainability and runs a 42-acre organic farm on the Hamakua Coast in Hawaii. For over the past 25 years, Raoul has worked with several environmental education organizations, including the Heirloom Land Trust, Ocean Song Farm and Wilderness Center, and the Hamakua Ecology Center.

Raoul lives with his two children in Sonoma, California, where he was born. 

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