Kristina Rylands
Yosemite Director

"This Yosemite experience was more like a gift than an excursion. I've found a new direction. Maybe the mountains could sustain my life in the future. The career possibilities are laid in front of me now. Self satisfaction, peace, wilderness, solitude, happiness, knowledge, and growth are what I strive for." - Kristina's journal entry at NatureBridge, 1980

As a high school student inspired by her NatureBridge program in Yosemite National Park, Kristina Rylands asked her field science educator, "How do you get to work here?" Today, she oversees operations, collaborates with Yosemite National Park staff and partners, manages external relationships, and helps lead NatureBridge's Yosemite Board.

Kristina grew up in Thousand Oaks, California, and fell in love with Yosemite while on a family vacation. After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, she received a teaching credential from the University of California, Berkeley and worked with at-risk and underserved students as a high school teacher.

Upon moving to Mariposa, California, in 1993 with her husband, Alex, she began working at NatureBridge's Yosemite campus. Kristina advanced through the organization, eventually serving as program director. In 1999, Kristina embarked on a distinguished career with the National Park Service in Yosemite. With her broad experience in education and environmental stewardship, she brings creativity and energy to amplify NatureBridge's mission and inspire the next generation.

Kristina and Alex live on seven oak-covered acres near Mariposa with their kids Julia, Milo, and Owen, along with three cats, two horses, and one very large dog.

Contact Kristina at or 209-379-9511 ext 14.

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