Nicole Ardoin, Ph.D.

"NatureBridge's immersive and research-based environmental education programs often combat the disengagement from nature that we are seeing in kids today. They have dramatic benefits in areas such as health, academic achievement, and commitment to conservation and sustainability."

Nicole Ardoin is an assistant professor at Stanford University's School of Education and a center fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment. Nicole's research focuses on motivations for environmental behavior with an emphasis on the links among geographic scale, sense of place, and environmental behavior. Nicole is conducting several studies related to monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of social strategies in achieving on-the-ground conservation results. Nicole's research interests include the evaluation of visitor studies in settings that include museums, aquariums, and residential environmental education centers.

Nicole is an appointed member of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Education Advisory Council. Nicole is also an elected member of the board of directors of the North American Association for Environmental Education, and she serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Environmental Education.

Nicole holds an M.S. in natural resource management (environmental education) from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and a Ph.D. in forestry and environmental studies (social ecology) from Yale University.

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