About Garbology

What is Garbology?

Garbology is the study of what we do with our waste. All the things we throw away each day—where do they end up? Many of us know that we can reuse, recycle, and compost to help keep waste out of landfills, but how do you know what goes where? Why is it important to reduce the waste we put in landfills? All of this and more is Garbology. 


Check out our interactive online game and resource center about the importance of waste conservation.

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What will I find on this site?

At MyGarbology, you'll find an interactive online game that teaches about Garbology and answers the question, "Where should my waste go?" 

You'll also find lessons and activities to extend your Garbology experience, from how to pack a waste-less lunch to getting the dirt on composting. Plus, read our Trash Talk blog for stories of Garbology in practice. In the classroom or at home, you can make Garbology a part of your everyday life.

MyGarbology is a project by NatureBridge, in partnership with AT&T, Pasco, Westernized, Elastic Creative, Sirius Sound, and many more.



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