The Elwha River

Freedom! The Elwha River Five Years Later

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Jun 25 - Jun 28, 2019
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This workshop is designed for teachers working with K - 12 students. Twenty (20) WA State clock hours are available. 

Five years after the final dam was removed, explore the flourishing estuary and dynamic riparian habitat of the Elwha River Watershed in Olympic National Park. Through lectures, meaningful games and hands-on activities, participants will:

  • Learn about the Elwha River's history, ecosystem benefits and losses during 100 years of being dammed.
  • Use a model of the Elwha's upper watershed to understand how engineers made decisions that guided dam deconstruction.
  • Discuss baseline data collected by scientists prior to dam removal using standard field study protocols.
  • Explore the former Elwha Dam site, the recently exposed lakebed of Lake Aldwell, and new deposited landforms at the river's mouth.
  • Develop an investigative question to document changes in vegetation, sediment, or water quality of the dynamic river five years after the final barrier was removed. Practice data collection using standard field study tools.
  • Gather resources about the Elwha River Restoration to engage your students in understanding why the Elwha matters.