National Field Science Landing Page

Expand Your NatureBridge Experience

Did you know that NatureBridge has five national park locations where your students can continue their environmental education across multiple grade levels? Many of our schools attend more than one NatureBridge campus.

There's More to Explore!

Benefits of attending more than one NatureBridge location:


  • Consistent high-quality programming with our professional educators
  • Customized instruction modeling NGSS practices of science
  • Ease of planning and excellent customer service

Yosemite National Park

Students learn and form connections to the deep valleys, grand meadows, and ancient sequoias. 

Golden Gate

On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, students study environmental science and learn teamwork. 

Olympic National Park

Students develop science skills while exploring in Salish-style canoes, investigating tidepools, and analyzing old growth forests. 

Santa Monica Mountains

From the top of Sandstone Peak to the Arroyo Sequit watershed, students learn through academic and physical challenges.

Prince William Forest Park

Students explore the woods and streams of the largest green space in the Washington, DC metropolian area where they develop a passion for science and the environment.