Core Values

How we, the people at NatureBridge, want to work together

NatureBridge fosters environmental literacy to sustain our planet. From our Board of Directors to our educators in the field, all of us at NatureBridge pursue this mission through our shared values.

We bring our best self.
We express excellence and creativity in all that we do, and we trust that our colleagues are bringing their best too.

We learn, teach, and grow.
Our most effective teaching comes from our continuing desire to discover what we have not yet seen and for each of us to develop our own capacity to do what we are here to do.

We are inclusive.
We create an equitable, welcoming, and empowering learning and working environment for all people.

We build open and honest relationships.
We communicate care for each other, seek collaborative solutions, and cleanly address issues that might otherwise inhibit the atmosphere and effectiveness of our work together. 

We inspire awe in the beauty of life.
Through the splendor of the natural world, we create “wow” moments that evoke joy, openness, and connection.    

We practice environmental stewardship.
We exemplify sustainable behavior by minimizing negative footprint and maximizing positive benefit in what we use, what we discard, and the activities we do.     

We are accountable.
By making clear agreements and setting attainable goals, we rely on our colleagues to do what they say they will do or speak up if an agreement or goal needs to be changed.

"Not only have I helped to inspire countless youth, but NatureBridge's mission statement has transformed my life as well.  I have expanded my comfort zone, experiencing tremendous personal growth, all because that is what we teach our students to do."—Mindy Wiper, NatureBridge environmental science educator