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School & Group Environmental Science at Channel Islands

Leaving everything familiar behind, students study isolated landscapes and seascapes, experience unique animals and plants, and begin to think differently about the world and their place in it.

Our Educators

The best in their field

Our staff of highly skilled environmental science educators is key to the success of NatureBridge. Equipped with a wealth of experience, education, and training, our educators change lives by creating dynamic programs that foster connections in the Channel Islands and Santa Monica Mountians.

Who are they?

Our environmental science educators have years of teaching experience in outdoor and environmental education programs and a contagious enthusiasm for exploring the natural world.

All of our educators have:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Wilderness First Responder certification
  • Passion about teaching, youth, and the environment

Many of our educators:

  • Have traveled or lived abroad, sometimes volunteering for organizations or studying foreign languages
  • Have worked as national park rangers or as certified classroom teachers
  • Currently serve as educators, musicians, photographers, philosophers, poets, birders, artists, athletes, and more

***Upon conditional hiring, all NatureBridge staff are fingerprinted and background checkedProspective staff with records of previous convictions related to the services we provide will not be considered for employment.

Educator Spotlight - Sean Horvath 

"This is a particularly special NatureBridge campus because we are at the fingertips of so many people that are used to being surrounded by concrete.  We’re able to give these kids a chance to escape the lifestyle of cars and cell phones to experience natural science first hand." - Sean Horvath

Sean grew up in northern Virginia where he spent his time exploring nature while white water rafting, skiing, camping, and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.  While attaining a bachelor’s of science in Aerospace Engineering, he realized his true calling was to share his passion of the outdoors and science with others through hands on experiences and exploration.  After college, he moved out west and began his career as a guide and educator, which has taken him into the wilderness all across the U.S. and abroad. While working as an outdoor educator in Hong Kong, Sean developed a special interest in exposing youth from urban areas to wilderness and natural settings.  He joined NatureBridge Southern California in the winter of 2014 with the hope of establishing a stronger connection between people and our remarkable planet.

“Without a doubt, [NatureBridge’s] teaching staff is central to the success of environmental science programs. They are a principal motivation behind participating teachers’ decisions to attend. Their content knowledge, passion, and creativity in working with children are outstanding.” — 2000 Stanford Evaluation, Final Report

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