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On Saturday, June 18 a group of fourth grade NatureBridge students had the thrill of a lifetime. NatureBridge was hosting San Francisco public school students in Yosemite for an environmental science, exploration, and team building program. During their hike to Yosemite Falls President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited them.

Posted by Phillip Kilbridge, June 21, 2016

I was given the opportunity to build my best self when I applied to the Matthew A. Baxter III Award in 2012. These awards aim to promote personal growth, adventure, and the professional development of NatureBridge staff...I used my Baxter Award to visit Vietnam with my father. This is my story.

Posted by Anonymous, November 11, 2015

Read about Day 11 for the NatureBridge Alcoa Scholars!

Posted by Kaylee Weil, August 14, 2014

Hard work rarely makes you think of singing, smiles, and screams of delight. But at NatureBridge, that is precisely what we see when students work on stewardship projects.

Posted by Wyatt Floerke, March 26, 2014

Why must we create the next generation of conservation leaders?  A sustainable future for our planet requires that our young people both know and love the natural world.  A connection with nature, if created early, will endure and deepen over a lifetime. Certainly this was my experience. 

Posted by Stephen Lockhart, March 18, 2014

At NatureBridge, we teach thematically—introducing a theme for the day or the week and weaving lessons and activities into that theme.  This provides an overarching goal for students and a cohesive way to structure each teaching day. 

Posted by Elspeth Hamilton, March 13, 2014
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