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2018 YOlympic Scholars Presentations
Gabriela Contreras
August 21, 2018 - 11:13am
On Thursday night, our Alcoa Scholars, educators, and NatureBridge Staff and visitors gathered in Storm King Hall on the Olympic campus for our Alcoa Scholars’ science presentations. Our visitors included Stephen Streufert, NatureBridge’s Vice President of Education, and Judy Lin, NatureBridge’s Chief Operating Officer.
The students presented in the style of a science symposium, in which three or four groups presented sequentially, and then all four groups returned to the front of the room to be asked questions by our audience. 
Scholars explored a wide variety of topics while hiking through the Olympic backcountry. Students looked at how light affects mushroom growth, how water speed affects macroinvertebrate numbers in rivers and creeks, how tree diameter is affected by distance from water or from trails, how campsites impact plant biodiversity, and many other questions as well.
They shared the data they collected, discussed how they would change their study if they had the opportunity to do their research project again, and expertly answered questions raised by the audience. It was great to see how much these Scholars learned about Olympic’s ecosystems during their week in the backcountry.